• Individual Ijara - SalesLeaseBack

    Possibility of selling and leasing your vehicle during the financing period and benefit from the financing in cash.

  • Key Features

    • Sharia-compliant financing, up to 80% of your car value and up to 250,000 Riyals.
    • No salary transfer required
    • Flexibility in choosing the amount of the monthly rent up to 5 years
    • Available to Saudis and residents in the Kingdom
    • Fast to obtaining approvals and completing procedures Comprehensive car insurance coverage for the entire rental period
    • Comprehensive car insurance coverage for the entire rental period
    • Multiple options to terminate the contract or own the car during the contract period or at its end
    • SFL Mobile application for easy access to the services available in the application
  • Conditions

    • An employee with a period of service not less than 3 months.
    • Fill out a financing request form.
    • Total salary not less than 7500 riyals.
    • Vehicle age should not exceed 3 years.
    • Vehicle millage distance should not exceed 50,000 km
    • Terms and Conditions applies.

Required Document


Document   Government Sector     Privet Sector     Saudi     Non-Saudi
Salary certificate including basic salary + basic allowances with mention of the job title

certified by the Chamber of Commerce for the private sector
Valid National ID/Iqama
Social Insurance Certificate

Account statement for the last 3 months

Account statement for the last 6 months
Valid driver's license