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    We at Saudi Fransi for Finance-leasing are keen to provide the best services to our customers and dealers that meet their needs easily through online available services.

  • Ahlan Service

    Ahlan services are a set of services that align with your need after you getting your vehicle
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    The Fransi Auto app offers you a modern design, with quick and easy control to have the services as quickly as possible.

    1. National /residence ID number.
    2. Active auto loan account.
    3. Mobile number linked with auto lease account number registered under customer name in Absher and by telecommunication service provider.

    *to update your mobile number to enable the usage of electronic service available in the mobile application, please visit the branch or call our call center*

    1. Visit www.fransileasing.com or download FransiAuto from (App Store - Google Play ) search using the word "SFL Mobile";
    2. Click "New User Registration".
    3. Enter the digits of your National /Iqama ID Number.
    4. You will get an OTP on you Abshar registered phone number.
    5. Enter a new password to register.
    6. You will get an OTP on you registered phone number in the auto lease account .
    7. Insert the OTP to confirm your registration.
    8. Use the Username (National /Iqama ID Number) and Password to access the SFL Mobile application, please note that an activation code will be sent to the registered mobile.

    Electronic Services Usage Terms and Conditions (Mobile application and Website)

    This is a link to download the Terms and Conditions

    Auto lease Account
    1. List of contracts with monthly installment, Total Overdue, Total Outstanding, Excess Balance, in addition to vehicle data
    2. Next instalment due date
    3. Remaining monthly instalment
    4. Account Statement
    5. Early Termination Calculation
    6. Insurance policy information

    Driving Authorization
    1. Driving Authorization Within KSA
    2. Driving Authorization Within KSA For Family Member / Sponsored Driver

    Traffic Services
    1. Vehicles registration renewal
    2. Re-issuing of lost vehicles registration by issuing a letter to AL-Muroor “Traffic Services”
    3. Change plate number by issuing a letter to AL-Muroor “Traffic Services”
    4. Change plate design by issuing a letter to AL-Muroor “Traffic Services”
    5. Re-issuance of lost number plate by issuing a letter to AL-Muroor “Traffic Services”

    Vehicle’s Services
    1. Letter to dealer for issuing duplicate key
    2. Request a second key copy Copy of lease agreement and repayment schedule

    Account closure and ownership transfer
    1. Early settlement and ownership transfer
    2. Vehicles ownership transfer of settled account

    Update customer information
    1. Update email address
    2. Update mobile number
    3. IBAN Number / Bank name

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